Where Do I Start The Road To Hana


The road to hana is more than just a great drive through a beautiful area of maui. Beautiful stops on the road to hana.

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The hana highway begins in kahului (where the airport is) so all times shown below are based on this as a starting point.

Where do i start the road to hana. There are two different ways to drive the road to hana. Twin falls are the first accessible waterfalls along the road to hana and is located just past the twin falls farm stand. I would recommend hitting the road as close to sunrise as possible.

It has a hippy/artsy vibe and it’s just super cute. Again this is why many people run out of time out on the road to hana and have to turn around and drive back in the dark. The main road to hana starts in kahului (main airport) and goes east/southeast.

Wherever you begin the day, you’ll drive through kahului and officially being your journey from there, cruising along the hana highway through paʻia and. Starts in kahului and ends in hana. Mana foods is a great spot to pick up drinks and even some lunch to pack to enjoy later in the drive.

Our loop road to hana tour takes you to the rarely discovered back road of hana. The road to hana is only 52 miles but the average speed 25 mph. Ideally, you’ll want to start the road to hana very early.

You’ll also want to stop for gas in paia. Starting near kahului, drive hana highway to hana and continue to kīpahulu (the location of ‘oheo gulch and the pīpīwai trail). It’s just a short walk from the road, and there’s a nice pool you can swim in.

And if you haven’t filled up your tank, they have a gas station. The road to hana begins as highway 36 at kahului, continues through paia where it eventually turns into highway 360. The route leads from the main town of kahului along the north coast for 103 kilometers to the small village of hana.

We highy recommend doing a tour with large windows, an experienced local guide, and only going to safe, legal, epic spots! Keep in mind these times do not include stopping times. Is the longest rainforest highway in the usa.

So that means leaving say lahaina or ka’anapali no later than 6am. The road to hana is one of the most famous excursions in maui. Is a registered historic area.

Generally speaking, the road to hana begins in kahului and ends in hana. This adorable town is at the very start of the road to hana. Has 617 turns & 59 bridges, many only 1 lane.

With that said, you do have some various options for traveling this amazing road. Most visitors tend to zip to and from hana with a checklist of sights to photograph. Where does the road to hana start?

In this sense, one should budget an entire day to experience the road to hana, and do so with relaxation and patience in mind. Technically, the stretch of highway known as the road to hana begins at mile 0 where hwy 36 transforms into hwy 360, just east of paia town. It begins in kahului near the airport and ends in kula town.

Where is the road to hana? How long is the road to hana? 20 of hawaiis most beautiful places be my travel muse most beautiful places beautiful places hawaii volcanoes national park.

This is the wrong way to do it. Ching’s pond is another swimming hole near mile marker 17. Where to start the road to hana?

The drive connects kahului, where you’ll also find the island’s main airport, to the eastern town of hana and extends to haleakala national park. The road to hana in maui is 64 miles long. This ensures you beat the traffic, but still get ideal photo conditions, while also assuring you all the stops will be open during your visit.

Road to hana is located in maui, hawaii on the northeast side of the island. That's right, make the drive to hana and then start from that direction heading back toward where you started. In our opinion, leave as early as you can, but do things in reverse.

Below are my favorite stops on the road to hana, listed in order from paia. Several operators on maui offer road to hana tours by bus and van. The drive on the road to hana, also called hana highway, is one of the top 3 attractions on a maui vacation.

This road trip became famous due to the challenging and thrilling road to “get to hana.” let’s just say if you are a nervous driver / passenger… this is. Haipua’ena falls is an early stop on the road to hana, half a mile past mile marker 11. This means getting to the start of the hana highway by no later than 7am.

Is also called the divorce highway. If you are in kahului, head east on hwy 36 and continue east on the same road, which then becomes hwy 360. The road to hana begins in pai’a on highway 36.

That said, the road to hana can be busy any time of day, so make sure to be patient and plan accordingly. The road to hana runs along the northeast coastline of maui on highway 36 and 360. First, when julie and i are intending to do the road to hana, we always get an early start.

After mile marker 16, the road becomes highway 360, and the mile markers start all over again at 0. There are two options for completing the road to hana. Plan for your hana highway road trip to take you all day to get to hana back when you factor in all the stops you will make.

There are little shops and restaurants. Travels along the edge of many sheer cliffs.

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