Fuel pump (p0230 to p0233) pcm (p0600 to p0606) crank sensor (p0355 to p0399) left it there for 1 hr went back turned on like nothing. My car has an automatic transmission.

Wont Start Dash Lights Go Out When Key Is Turned – Youtube

I'm thinking its some kind of electrical problem.

Car cranks but wont start no dash lights. ·check the starter and solenoid: Fuel line), all the light in the dash board light up and once i turn the key to start the car, all i. If the wiring looks ok, then look at the starter solenoid for a good connection, and proper voltage at.

If so then you most likely have a dry point near to a voltage regular. This shows you have a bad ignition switch, and the solenoid is not being activated. There may be stored diagnostic trouble codes which will usually aid in finding the fault.

I turn the key to the on position, i hear the sound of everything getting in line (i.e. If there are more then one, we should check the battery again even though you replaced it. 2) wait for all the warning lights to go out.

No crank and all the dash lights turned off. It can also be caused by a bad starter, but if it cranks but won’t start it could be caused by a faulty spark plug or a clogged fuel filter. The check engine light may remain on;

Car cranks but wont start no dash lights. Car cranks but wont start no codes. The code reader says “no link.” i already tried the code reader on another car and it works fine.

Turn on the headlights, then try to start the car.if the headlights do not dim or go out, then the battery is likely ok. I tired to start the car again and it just cranks, it doesn't seem to turn over. Threw it into reverse and no reverse light.

Tried to start, all lights come on but, engine didn't start. If the voltage is below 11.5 volts, then the battery needs replaced. I got it to start one time with the remote start.

You are going to have to tighten the terminals the relay plugs into or take the panel apart to look for burned or corroded wires. Keep the key that way for ten minutes, maybe a little more. These are listed in no particular order.

If the battery is between 12.4 volts and 11.5 volts, then the battery would need charged and checked for a. The theft system light should turn off, and the car can be started. Another sign of your “car won’t start, but lights come on” issue is that you have to jiggle the key to start the car.

I was hoping to get some help here on my honda. Don't try to start it. Assuming it is something in the ignition/starter assembly that is wrong.

When this happens, there are no lights or symbols displayed on the dash at first, not even the mileage or the time & date, etc. The clicking noise is the relays turning on and off rapidly so you should be able to feel it. This shows you have a bad ignition switch, and the solenoid is not being activated.

I've tried jump box to be sure i have power. Once we have listed out our top six reasons read on further to discover some timely solutions to this all too common car conundrum. Working on reverse light wiring for trunk 2.

Place the key in the ignition, and turn it slightly to the right. Car cranks but wont start no dash lights. All electronic systems work except the dash lights, and ignition.

Now, when you turn the key there is no resistance like you normally feel when the ignition and starter are about to engage and none of the lights on the dash turn on and there is no crank. If the p indicator light is not indicating in dash when this occurs, try shifting the lever to n and test. Clearly we need to see if the starter relay is clicking as well.

Went to the car this morning. If all lights goes out, it most likely is the switch, just located behind the tumblers. You are going to have to tighten the terminals the relay plugs into or take the panel apart to look for burned or corroded wires.

When problem occurs, note if the dash lights all go out when key is held in crank position. If i turn the ignition off & try to start the car again, all of the symbols on the right hand side will appear for a few seconds & will then disappear, the computer will come on where it displays the amount of fuel left in the tank, etc, but nothing else. Hi there, i have the exact same problem.

1) insert ignition key and turn to on position but do not start the engine; Check the battery with a digital volt meter and see what the voltage is. Sweared and cursed a little.

My car has 200000 miles. I also get no lights coming up on the dashboard, and when i try to use the code reader to see what kind of problem i have i get nothing. As detailed below, here are some explanations as to why your vehicle is cranking but not starting.

In addition, the car might start when. When you turn the key the dash lights should have lit up. If so then you most likely have a dry point near to a voltage regular on the dash pcb.

So the problem is that the car won’t start. I then tried to start the car and it started then died. After doing so, i turned my key into the ignition and switched it to the second position but i noticed that there were no dash lights.

This will run a battery down quickly and could cause more relays to start clicking. Prior to requesting service, though, you can try to reset the system using the following steps: Six reasons why your vehicle cranks but won’t start.

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