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View larger images are for illustrative purposes only. − − soft start and stop with reduced current − − features to improve process productivity − − detachable kepyad for front door mounting on a panel 2 short circuit.

PSTX7260070 1SFA898107R7000 ABB Soft Starter 400V/37kW,

The pstx softstarter has the latest technology for soft starting and soft stopping of standard squirrel cage motors.

Abb soft starter pstx. This saves energy while reducing the softstarter’s heat generation. Created for motor control and protection soft starters by abb are the most precise and efficient devices for industrial needs. Read carefully and make sure that you you understand all instructions before you mount, connect and configure the softstarter.

If you use the softstarter with fieldbus communication, set the fieldbus interface to on before it can take action. Complete motor protection the pstx offers complete motor protection in Thank you for selecting this abb pstx softstarter.

When reaching full speed, the pstx will activate its bypass. Abb:s sortiment innehåller alla de komponenter som behövs samt kompletta motorstartslösningar. The pst (b) softstarter range is the second most advanced softstarter in abb's offering after the recently announced pstx and combines application enhancing functionality with protections for both motor and load.

2) above 40 ºc (104 f) up to max. This manual is an application manual intended for quick and easy installation and usage of a waste water pump with the pstx softstarter. 60 c (140 f) reduce the rated current with 0,8% per ºc (0,44% per f).

There are some specific features that characterize abb pstx products. If the hmi cannot be used, connect softstartercare to the pstx softstarter and Pstx softstarters offer the most advanced features and protections in a single enclosure.

1) valid for normal start (class 10) for 50% on time and 50% off time. Pstx / / / / pstx a. Please refer to data sheet for details.

Torque control abb’s torque control function is. In order to upgrade pstx, there are two different instructions available depending on the cb firmware version used. Minska belastningen på nätet och förläng livslängden på din motor!

Reduced mechanical wear and tear on mechanical equipment. Abb’s softstarters cover any motor application from 3 a to 2160 a. Now the pstx softstarter has been setup to start a motor with a certain current and the last step is to choose the application which the motor should starts.

Abb soft starters, pstx series. Abb enclosed soft starter, pstx series. If you use the softstarter with fieldbus communication, set a.

On the pstx, the bypass is built in and verified by abb, saving you time during installation and space in your panel. Reduced starting current and less electrical stress on the motor and the network.

ABB PSTX Softstarter First Fame Systems

PSTX125069070 1SFA898221R7000 ABB Arrancador suave 400V/..

Softstarter ABB series PSTX

PSTX72069070 1SFA898218R7000 ABB Soft Starter 400V/400kW..

ABB PSTX Softstarter First Fame Systems

53 Abb Soft Starter Control Wiring Diagram Wiring

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